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 * in parthnership with the Tri City Area United Way


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Did you know that taking one multi-vitamin a day could help your child for the rest of their life? Multi-vitamins help prevent sickness, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and many cancers as well as promoting good eye sight, and increased concentration, academic and athletic success.

Did you know ..

  • There are up to 140 million vitamin A deficient kids in the world…
  • 250,000-500,000 kids go blind due to the deficiency each year…
  • 40% of the US population is vitamin D deficient…
  • Vitamins B6, B12, & C help the body prevent the common cold, many types of cancer, high blood pressure & cholesterol, depression, and many other serious illnesses…

In light of these grave statistics, Peshtigo & Oconto Pharmacies, along with the Tri City Area United Way, are offering all kids in grades 4K-6th free vitamins for an entire year! There is no catch!

Starting September 10th, 2011, all you need to do is bring in your completed registration form to one of our pharmacies, or you can fill one out at either of our locations, and we will get you your first bottle of vitamins.  You can get your next monthly refill any time during the next month!  If you come back  between the 10th and 20th of each month to get another month’s supply then you will be entered into our FREE monthly drawing for prizes!

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